Premises Liability

An accident can happen anywhere, at any time. Often it happens in places where we feel safe, because we rely on the idea that the owner of a building, store, or home will strive to keep their property safe and in good repair.

But that is not always the case. Defects in a building such as broken stairs, missing or loose handrails, leaking pipes, water-damaged ceilings or walls, defective windows and doors, or broken floors can cause a person to trip, slip, or have a heavy object fall on them, causing serious injuries.

The same can be said when equipment within a store or building works improperly and becomes dangerous, such as elevators, escalators, boilers and kitchen equipment. If these items are defective, or have not been properly maintained, they can cause serious damage, or even death.

Landlords, property managers, and owners have responsibilities under the law regarding the safety and maintenance of their properties. Weisman & Calderon LLP has successfully litigated thousands of cases involving injuries in premises, from trips and falls involving improper removal of snow and ice, to complex cases involving fires due to improper electrical wiring. A thorough understanding of the law, including local, state and national building codes and standards in effect at the time of construction, as well as the time of the accident, and tenacious pursuit of information from the defendants to ensure that all responsible parties are included in the lawsuit are paramount to successfully litigating these matters.

In a recent case, our client was seriously injured when she fell down the stairs of a 100 year old building which was missing handrails. The landlords claimed that the building code did not apply to the building because it was older than the code requiring handrails. Through our research, we were able to uncover a building code from 1903 which required new construction to have handrails. As a result, our client received a recovery in excess of $200,000.00.

If you have been involved in an accident within someone’s premises, please call a law firm which will make sure that you will receive any compensation you are entitled to. Call Weisman & Calderon LLP.

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