Other Accidents

There are numerous situations which may result in an injury due to the negligence of others. For example, lead poisoning affects a child’s neurological, emotional and sometimes physical well being. Lead is usually ingested from dust and paint in older buildings in which it was not properly removed or covered. Weisman & Calderon LLP has handled multiple cases of lead poisoning, with numerous six and seven figure recoveries to ensure that these children will be provided for in the future.

Similarly, we often leave our children under the care and supervision of others, usually in school, expecting those responsible to exercise the same degree of care that we would exercise. However, sometimes proper procedures or common sense are not followed, causing injury to our children. If your child was injured in school or during some supervised activity due to a lack of supervision or due to involvement in an improper activity, please call our firm to discuss the circumstances and ensure you properly defend your children's rights.

Whether you or someone you love has ingested lead, been bitten by a neighbor’s dog, or became ill after taking medication, Weisman & Calderon LLP can listen to your story and give you an honest assessment regarding the potential for a successful claim.

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