Claims Against Municipalities

Cases involving government institutions or public places have separate requirements prior to starting a lawsuit. Such cases arise from accidents caused by defective public sidewalks and streets, injuries in public schools or parks, accidents involving public trains, buses or any government vehicle, and incidents involving police, such as false arrest, excessive force, or incidents resulting in injury to inmates in jail or those under police custody.

Over the past two decades, Weisman & Calderon LLP has handled hundreds of cases against municipalities. These cases require special notice to be given to the potential defendants within a specific time limit, as well as special discovery requirements. Failure to follow these special notice rules would result in the claim being forfeited. Our attorneys will make sure that all requirements are met within the proper time frame to ensure that your claim will be heard.

There are numerous laws and notice requirements that apply specifically to municipal defendants, including, for example, emergency vehicles, defects on public sidewalks, and appropriate conduct while conducting an arrest. Weisman & Calderon LLP attorneys have detailed knowledge of these requirements and rules, and we will make sure that we will cover every legal angle to maximize all recoveries against these defendants.

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