Automobile-Related Accidents

The act of driving a car is often taken for granted, but operating a motor vehicle involves a great responsibility toward other vehicles, passengers and pedestrians alike. An automobile accident may change a person’s life permanently. At Weisman & Calderon LLP, we understand not only the complexities of properly investigating and preparing a successful claim involving such accidents, but also the stress and uncertainty that typical auto-related injuries may create in people’s lives.

Issues regarding medical and liability insurance coverage, no-fault coverage, worker’s compensation, Medicare and other governmental programs, and medical liens require special attention and understanding in order to maximize the benefits to each client.

Weisman & Calderon LLP has extensive experience in successfully litigating cases involving automobile accidents, including six and seven-figure recoveries for injuries such as brain damage, fractures, shoulder and knee injuries requiring surgery, disc herniations, spinal injuries, and disfiguring scarring.

Whether a person was a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or a bicycle rider, Weisman & Calderon LLP has the experience and knowledge to properly evaluate a case and maximize the recovery of damages for our clients.

Driving a car should not be taken for granted, and neither should your choice of attorney if you have been injured in an automobile accident. Weisman & Calderon LLP has successfully handled thousands of automobile-related cases, and we will ensure that your claim will not be taken for granted by those responsible for your loss.

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